Remote Control and administration of water distribution system for agriculture and drinking water applications.

About Regacom


Regacom accumulates more than 15 years of experience in the water control sector, going hands in hand with the leading companies in the market. Dedicating the knowledge acquired, in the development and application of new technologies, making it easier to manage and control water distribution networks and improving the use sustainable of available resources.

All Cell system elements are 100% designed and assembled by Regacom, allowing for a very optimized system and also Regacom to quickly develop new functionalities and making the system fully adaptable to our client needs.

Regacom is firmly committed to information and communication technologies for the most efficient use of water and energy in all our projects.

IRrigation Cell System


Regacom’s Irrigation Cell system is a tele-management equipment of simple distributed hierarchy.  The system is mainly composed by GPRS IoT terminals (Internet of things). All Cell Irrigation RTUs are equipped with sensor inputs, making precision agriculture so easy to implement with Regacom’s solution. Finally, the terminals connect to Regacom’s cloud servers, eliminating the need for a central computer or a communication infrastructure.

The system is managed via a web access using a personal computer, or a mobile app on Android or IOs devices. They are both designed to be easy and intuitive to use, but powerful enough to control thousands of valves, sensors and other elements, and get all the data you need from your installation.

Water Works Cell System


Control and management of drinking water distribution networks is increasingly important. Hydraulic resources are scarce, and energy costs is constantly becoming more and more expensive.

Regacom’s water works system will give you full control and real time monitorization of a water distribution network.  The system is fully modular and plug and play, just by deploying sensors, probes and actuators the system will inform you about pressure, water flow, and water quality measurements and also will allow you to take manual actions or automatic responses based on sensor data.

Paired with the latest Iot technology, 2G, 4G and NB-Iot communication systems, Celula Water Works system can always operate even in the most remote locations.

Green Zone Cell System


Thanks to the new Cell Green Zone system, municipalities can now importantly reduce running costs of urban garden areas for their landscaping projects, making them more sustainable.

Regacom’s Green Zone system is specifically developed to provide accurate irrigation to garden areas with different vegetation varieties, with the right amount of water, at right time. Regacom cloud platform is a cutting-edge solution targeted at controlling the system, avoiding unnecessary irrigation, and providing sensor data to reduce leakages and improve resource efficiency.